Trusted Lawn and Shrub Care Program in Orlando, Florida

Trusted Lawn and Shrub Care Program in Orlando, Florida



Our Treatment Lawn & Shrub Care Program includes:

  • Identifying any existing issues and potential pest or weed problems
  • Eliminating your existing pest problem and taking the time to inform you of each treatment completed. You’ll also get tips on how to prevent them moving forward
  • Following our monthly treatment program that attacks different issues throughout the year based on weather.
    • For example: each month we will do weed control but then four times a year we lay down fertilization for weed & feed and a Pre-m for Crabgrass, three times a year we focus on shrub treatment, and once a year in June we focus on Chinch bug prevention

Which Type of Weed Do You Have?

You may have already come across some of the most common weed we treat, including: Crabgrass, Dallisgrass, Dollarweeds, Florida Pulsey, and Sedgeweeds. But there may be more that you don’t see. Our certified technicians can identify the signs of ANY type of weed issue and help treat it. We’ll tell you exactly which weeds we’ve found and what we suggest doing to eliminate them and keep them from coming back in the future.

Grassy Weeds

What type of Grassy Weed do you have in your yard? Here are some examples to help narrow down:

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