Top-Rated Flea & Tick Control Services in Orlando, FL

Top-Rated Flea & Tick Control Services in Orlando, FL

What does a flea look like?

Fleas are tiny, dark small pests that are very hard to notice because they usually get caught up in the fur of dogs or cats. If a pet has dark fur, it’s almost impossible to notice them.

Why are fleas so hard to prevent from coming into the home?

Pets and rodents are the ones most likely to bring them into the home from outside. Rodents especially, mice and rats look for food in random spots of the home and as they do, can pass flea eggs

How do I get rid of fleas?

If your pet was the source, getting them treated right away will help get rid of the active fleas on the pet. From there, cleaning up all food around the house, anything that can attract rodents would be the next step. Finally, our team can help with a prevention program to help keep all fleas and other pests out in a safe manner.

What does a tick look like?

Ticks are also tiny, small pests that look similar to spiders but much smaller. They have 6-8 legs and depending on their size depends on how much they have fed. They range from .5 – 2 inches in size.

Why are ticks so hard to prevent from coming into the house?

Ticks are very small and are normally brought into the house by people or animals who are in heavily wooded areas. It’s hard to detect them because of their size and because of where they live on the human or pet body. They tend to go to places that are not as visible like someones hair, ears, behind the knee or under arms. They’re looking for places where they can attach and feed to stay alive.

How do I get rid of ticks?

If a pet or person has been outside in a wooded area for a while, do a check before bringing them into the house to make sure there isn’t anything there. While this can seem tedious, it can save a lot of pain and headache from a tick infestation.

What can I do to prevent fleas and ticks from coming into my house?

In addition to keeping the kitchen and other areas where food is eaten inside the house clean, checking pets when they come inside would also be a good idea. In addition to that, our team can help with a simple preventative program that helps keep them out and away from your home to minimize a flea or tick infestation.

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