#1 Commercial Pest Control Services Orlando, Florida

Leading Commercial Pest Control Services in Orlando, FL

Would you feel comfortable bringing your family to a hotel that has weeds everywhere on the outside or is infested with cockroaches on the inside? Of course, not! At Colonial Pest Services, we know how important it is for your business to make a good first and lasting impression, that’s why we offer commercial pest control services for businesses big and small.

Multi-Family Homes, Hotels & Apartment Homes

Any situation where multiple living spaces are connected presents unique challenges for pest control. On the inside, shared walls and pipes can make it especially easy for an insect or rodent infestation to spread. On the outside, lots of nice trees, shrubs, and plants need to be protected to keep the landscaping look pristine. That is why it is important to have regular pest control treatment, in all areas, to keep your business pest & weed free.

Offices & Other Businesses

Similar to Apartments, business complexes and office buildings can have similar issues arise. Between shared kitchens and breakroom spills on the inside, to helping keep the outside looking nice with proper weed control, it’s necessary to help keep a consistent monthly treatment program to ensure everything stays top-of-the-line for your customers.

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